AD7029A size chart

S 28.3-31.4 30.3-31.8 35.6
M 31.4-34.6 31.8-34.2 36.0
L 34.6-37.7 34.2-36.3 36.4
XL 37.7-40.9 36.3-38.9 36.8
2XL 40.9-44.0 38.9-41.3 37.2
3XL 44.0-47.2 41.3-43.7 37.5

Please choose a suitable size according to yout natural waist line from our size chart. Any questions during your order process, feel free to contact us! We are standing by to assit you!

Clothes Maintenance:
Best not to wash, if you insist on washing, only water.
Cleaning Instructions:
No ironing & No bleaching.

1: Use neutral detergent, not washing powder, spray it on the surface at a distance of 20 cm from the clothes,wait for about 40 seconds,and gently wipe the stained surface with a cotton cloth,so as not to damage the color and windproof function of the clothes.
2: If the whole clothes are really dirty, you must use water at about 40 degrees,and then use a sponge directly with an appropriate amount of detergent to wipe the surface of the clothes.Neutral detergent must be used,just rub briefly and then rinse to water clear it.