What Make Your Weight Loss Ineffective? 3 Common Fitness Misconceptions

What Make Your Weight Loss Ineffective? 3 Common Fitness Misconceptions

Exercise often, but the weight does not come down.

Walking to lose weight, local fat loss, yoga ... but in fact, these few exercise methods do not make you thin.

Misconception 1st: Keep walking to lose weight

If you can lose weight by taking a walk, then shopping is simply the perfect way for girls to lose weight by combining entertainment and fitness.

"Walking for weight loss" attracts people of all ages, from mothers and grandmothers to 20-year-olds, as long as they go for a walk in the park to get rid of the guilt of eating another bowl of dinner. However, most people misunderstand "walking for weight loss".

The "walk" that can really get rid of fat, there is a huge requirement - Stay long time to keep a large pace and fast speed with a right walking posture.

Try using these criteria to test the road you have walked.

Head up, chest up, belly in, hips in force.

Speed 20 minutes 2 km (middle-aged and elderly people in about 25 minutes).

Heart rate 120 to 180 beats per minute (for middle-aged and elderly or slow patients, the heart rate is roughly controlled at (170 - age) to (180 - age)).

Therefore, taking a slow walk every day is not very effective for weight loss. If you want to get leaner, it's better to choose a more intense form of exercise.

Misconception 2nd: Practice yoga stretching can lose weight

Yoga has many benefits that can help people focus, relieve stress and improve their physique.

But many people who need to lose fat, but did not figure out the effect of the exercise program, and then haphazardly began to practice yoga, the end result is only likely to become a "soft fat".

Many yoga movements are relatively gentle, less calorie consumption, fat loss effect is not good. Do an hour of yoga stretching, calorie consumption may not be compared to 10 minutes of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) ...

Weight loss is already very torturous, let's find some more efficient ways to exercise!

Misconception 3rd: Target fat loss to specific body parts

Thin legs, thin waist, thin stomach ... Everyone has different weight loss needs.

However, the harsh truth is - there is no "Target Fat Loss to Specific Body Parts", fat loss is all systemic. Many fat loss methods, such as hula hoop thin belly, pad toe thin calf, etc., it only can train the muscles, so that the lines of specific parts look better, but can not do "where to practice where to lose".

It is more unreliable for those who claim to be able to "thin calves" "thin stomach" and other target fat on special body part reduction recipes, weight loss products, .

Life is exercise, thin is persistent. Get move it!

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