Attention: These 5 Bad Habits Cause Your "Beer Belly"

Attention: These 5 Bad Habits Cause Your "Beer Belly"

When you think of a beer belly, you may think of a big belly image of men. In fact, women due to work relations and unhealthy eating habits can also lead to beer belly. Beer belly does not belong exclusively to men, especially people in middle age, then if you want to lose belly fat can be difficult!

The reason for the formation of beer belly is very complex, not only because of drinking too much beer, more is the reason with our bad daily life habits.


Beer belly of 5 causes

  1. Eating too fast

    Eating too fast is easy to cause indigestion and food hoarding in the stomach, long-term down the stomach area will be particularly convex.

  2. Over-eating

    The human stomach is by a certain capacity, over-eating is easy to stomach capacity propped up. Stomach capacity propped up, the stomach will also become large, it is difficult to recover.

  3. No exercise caused by fat accumulation

    People always eat high-fat and high-calorie food without restraint, if the calories are consumed through exercise, it is not so obese. But sedentary in the office, long periods of inactivity is a bad habit formed by contemporary office workers. Due to the lack of physical exercise, resulting in fat accumulation, resulting in "beer belly" appear.

    On the one hand, the root of the thighs and groin and other parts will be compressed, blood flow and lymphatic flow can not. The excess water in the lower abdomen will be stagnant and cannot be eliminated, causing edema.

    On the other hand, it also tends to cause coldness. In order to prevent the internal organs from getting cold, the body will store fat on its own. This further collapses the blood circulation and makes it more and more difficult for fat to be burned.

  4. Too much stress Stress can be an invisible killer, often overlooked in weight loss and slimming.

    Too much stress can easily cause overeating, poor sleep quality and other problems. If combined with a long-term irregular sleep schedule, the autonomic nervous system will be imbalanced, the harder it is to burn fat, breathing also becomes shallow, affecting the blood circulation around the waist and abdomen!

  5. The habit of hunchback, resulting in a skewed pelvis

    It is easy to form a hunchback if sitting, standing and walking posture is not correct. When we hunch back, the lower abdomen will relax, the hips will sag, and the weight of the whole body will shift the center of gravity. The pelvis will become skewed, resulting in muscle imbalance and protrusion of the lower abdomen.

Top 12 ways to control beer belly.

  1. Eat in a fixed place.

    Do not do other things (such as reading the newspaper, watching TV, work) while eating.

  2. Reduce the consumption of fried food.

    Maintain the habit of healthy eating, customized diet plan.

  3. Never eat until you are full and then stop.

    By the time you feel full, you have often eaten too much, meals as long as you eat 80% full.

  4. Drink water from time to time throughout the day.

    When you want to eat something sweet, drink a glass of water, the desire to eat sweets will immediately disappear. Do not let mental stress prompt more food: When there is mental stress, do not pick up food, try to go out for a walk. Physical activity is better for relieving mental stress than eating.

  5. Eat slower.

    Dr. Alisa Eppel, University of California, said that people will also gobble up food when they are under stress. Chew slowly and enjoy every bite of the meal, not only can reduce food intake, but also help reduce the level of stress hormone cortisol in the body, which in turn reduces the risk of fat accumulation in the body.

  6. Don't stay seated after finishing your meal.

    Get up and wash the dishes or take a walk, move easily, not only to help digestion can also avoid the accumulation of small abdomen. Try doing aerobic exercises in your daily life instead of staying seated.

  7. Stand up straight.

    California strength and conditioning expert Dr. Deborah Moran said that standing up straight can make you look four or five pounds thinner. When standing, keep your body straight and exhale while slowly contracting your abdominal muscles. Then inhale, relax your abdomen and repeat 10 times. This helps to exercise the abdominal and back muscle strength, to lose small belly.

  8. To develop good bowel habits.

    Eat more fibrous food and often massage the stomach to improve bowel movements.

  9. Do not hunch.

    No matter what to do to keep your head up, do not hunch your back, and eliminate any posture that may allow meat to accumulate in the abdomen.

  10. Don't wear loose knit tops.

    New York fashion design guru Meg Goldman said that wearing some appropriate slim-fitting clothes can help to lose tummy. She suggested that people with small bellies do not choose loose knitted clothing, such clothing will not only make people look more bloated, but also "condone" you continue to fat.

  11. Go to bed an hour earlier.

    U.S. Auburn University exercise expert Michelle Olson said, an hour earlier in the evening to ensure adequate sleep, the next day the risk of overeating will be less. Because the lack of sleep is likely to lead to excess stress hormone cortisol, increasing the risk of abdominal fat accumulation.

  12. Find a partner to supervise you.

    Losing weight can be a very difficult journey. Losing weight can be lonely and it is easy to lose motivation and confidence. The companionship and supervision of friends, partners and family will help you reach your weight loss goals more quickly.

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